48 Hours on the Java Sea

Having traveled in Malaysia for quite a bit, it was about time to move further South and towards Indonesia. Starting from the island of Borneo, which itself is shared by two Malaysian States of Sabah and Sarawak, Brunei Darussalam and Indonesia's Kalimantan, I was headed towards Pontianak first, from where I could be taking a... Continue Reading →

Taiwan and the 101

What is a legitimate reason to visit a country? My initial motivation in visiting Taiwan was as simple as my dream of seeing the Taipei 101, which used to be the World’s tallest building until 2010. Being only a hop-over away from around South-East Asia, I decided to spend a week on the island known... Continue Reading →

Island Life on Siargao

In March, I have taken a small break from motorcycle traveling and visited the Philippines. So many islands -- 7,600 in total, thereof 2,000 inhabited ones -- made it seem less practical to bring a motorcycle along. So I decided to leave the R on Borneo at a friend's place and took a very affordable... Continue Reading →

Picture Gallery: Malaysia

Malaysia is a developed, mixed-religion country of great hospitality. Within almost two months, I had the chance to experience its a beautiful seaside, fresh mountains, colonial architecture, delicious food and equatorial climate. Entering from Thailand and in the north of the Peninsula, I took the route: Penang Island — Cameron Highlands — Kuala Lumpur —... Continue Reading →

One Hour in Bhutan

Bhutan makes it difficult for foreigners to enter their country — except for Indian nationals, a visa is required and usually bound to the obligation of spending a minimum of 200 US-dollars a day. That’s far above what I would usually spend in a day, and while traveling the North of India, Bhutan was not... Continue Reading →

Living Like a Monk

As I came back into Thailand from the East, I heard about a famous English-speaking forest monastery, Wat Pah Nanachat, near the city of Ubon Ratchathani. Having completed a meditation retreat when in India and finding it useful, I was happy to hear about ‘spiritual’ places like this, where guests usually can stay for free.... Continue Reading →

Laos: Buddha and Mountains

  Only few did I know about Laos before coming there. “Buddha and Mountains” is the slogan you sometimes hear, alongside with the fact that Laotians are even more relaxed than other South-East Asian nationalities. Since I was in North Thailand already, I was planning to hop over to see the neighbouring country and to... Continue Reading →

Lai Heua Fai (Fire Boat Festival)

  I have been lucky to come to Laos in October at the time of "Awk Phansa", the end of the three-month Buddhist lent. Somewhere between mid and end of October, on full-moon, there is celebrations all over the country, with people sending candles and little boats down the river (if available) and lanterns to... Continue Reading →


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