I am riding on a BMW R 100 R “Airhead” from 1995 and I like it for its design, its simplicity and robustness. Its 1000-cc two-valve Boxer engine is producing a lot of torque, is easy to maintain and even if it is not the lightest on fuel, it is reputedly indestructible.

The motorcycle: BMW R 100 R, in Germany referred to as “Gummikuh” (“rubber cow”) due to the earlier models’ tendency of lifting the rear end when accelerating.

Some people have asked my why I’m not riding on an adventure bike that has some better offroad capabilities. First of all, it was for the practical reason that I already had this bike at home. I have bought it in the beginning of 2017, not knowing yet that I would take it on such a trip (in fact, I had already bought some parts that would increase the classical Café-Racer look). Then and moreover, I think that I got it for a reason — I like the idea and the spirit of traveling on a simpler, modern-classic road bike, for it reminds me of the early overland motorcycle travelers. Thanks to its slightly bigger (18-inch) front wheel, the low centre of weight and the traction of a shaft drive, some basic off-roading is still possible.

IMG_3212 (1).jpg
On the way to Shiraz in Iran.