The City of Cities

Just in time and before the world got occupied with the Covid, I could spend a few days in Australia’s most iconic city. Sydney surely has the name and it would be interesting to see what this hype was all about anyway.

Sydney is blessed with a massive natural harbour that has many pockets, the most iconic being Circular Quay, home to the Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Coming there first felt strangely familiar. Those landmarks have been seen so often on pictures, and of course the perception is all different when you see them in real.

View from the ferry to Manly, an economical and authentic way to get some harbour views.

Somehow, the city seems to maintain a laid-backness that is found all over Australia—the feeling that you cannot really be troubled by anything—which is remarkable for a city of this size and importance, that turns out a lot less fast-paced than you would expect it to be. The city does seem to ingest the amount of tourism it gets quite well. With a close-to-perfect climate (especially when the sun is out) and after having spent a few days, Sydney sort of passes on the underlying feeling of the Aussie way of life: organised yet laid-back, busy yet relaxed, generally unfazed.

People enjoying late-afternoon sun behind the Opera House.

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